About Gravity R&D

Gravity R&D is a fast-growing company that provides recommendation solutions which help our clients increase their revenues by creating more relevant and intuitive user experiences. Gravity’s clients range from SMEs, through Enterprise websites with millions of monthly visitors, to large brick-and-mortar retail businesses that capitalize on our offline personalization solutions.

Our goal is to unearth connections between personal taste and implicit and explicit user preference signals through sophisticated, scalable algorithms. Gravity has now developed more than 100 algorithms specifically for key areas like eCommerce, classifieds, marketplaces, content sites, dating platforms, job portals, traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses, and more.

About Yusp

Yusp is the name of Gravity’s core service, the platform through which we offer our recommendation solutions to clients from SMEs to large Enterprises. Yusp Digital is a SaaS recommendation engine solution aimed at online businesses, while Yusp Digical refers to the brick-and-mortar branch of the platform, over which we provide recommendation and personalization solutions to traditional, offline retail businesses (digital to physical).


  • Domonkos Tikk, PhD

    CEO, Founder

  • Gábor Tóth

    Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

  • Bottyán Németh

    Product Owner, Founder

  • István Pilászy, PhD

    Head of Core Development, Founder

  • Benedek Varga


Domonkos is the CEO and cofounder of Gravity R&D. He received his PhD in computer science in 2000, then he worked in the academia (Technical University of Budapest, Humboldt University in Berlin) on machine learning techniques and control problems as a researcher and project leader.

Domonkos won several international data science competitions on the field of recommendation systems, text and data mining. He founded Gravity R&D with his fellow researchers in 2007 to exploit the experience learnt during the participation in the Netflix Prize.

With his lead the company achieved its break-even point in 2014, and keeps the flexibility and openness of the start-up atmosphere and an spirit of innovative forward thinking in the company.
Gábor has been working with Gravity since the successful cooperation between his management consultancy firm and Gravity R&D in 2014. He has 21 years of business development, new technology launch and sales operations leadership experience in a range of industries as top manager in his former positions at Procter & Gamble, Metro Cash & Carry, and Hungarian Telekom.

As a Managing Director of Gravity Bricks&Mortar, subsidiary of Gravity R&D he had a significant role in creating a global partnership with Deloitte Digital in June 2016 to commercialize and implement the products of Gravity B&M for retail, telecommunication and banking industry worldwide. Since October 2016 he is working as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Gravity R&D.
Bottyán Németh is the product owner and one of the founders of Gravity R&D Zrt. As founder he has been working with Gravity from the very beginning - originally as a data miner and currently as leader of the product development at the company.

He was member of the data mining team Gravity which finished (tied) with the highest performance in the Netflix Prize which was the most reputable open competition for the best collaborative filtering algorithms. He also contributed to winning the innovation award ICMA "Show Me the Money Prize".

His main interest is large scale machine learning and he is constantly focusing on how to use machine learning and data mining techniques in real life problems and how to productize these solutions. Previously, after finishing his MSc in computer science he worked for a couple of years in the field of natural language understanding as a researcher and developer.
Istvan is the leader of the core software development. He ensures that RECO is scalable, the source code is consistent, and bugs are caught before hitting the production environment.

István has been a core member of Gravity since its inception. He received his PhD in recommender systems summa cum laude from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and his MSc degree also degree summa cum laude from the same university.
Benedek got his Diploma at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and started his career at Deloitte&Touche. After working there for two years as an auditor, he moved to the FMCG sector as a controlling professional and spent four years at Tesco and two years at Heineken.

In 2008 he became the Controlling Director of the biggest Hungarian Real Estate Group (Futureal Group) and worked there for four years. From 2011 he was a Supervisory Board member of the Group’s Venture Capital Found (Finext). In 2012 he started his own business as a controlling advisor for Hungarian SMEs (main partners: Hilltop Vinery - the biggest Hungarian wine exporter, Ubichem Group - one of the biggest R&D companies in the Hungarian chemical industry).

Keeping his own business, he became the CFO of Gravity R&D in March 2014.
As the leader of the data science team, Balázs is responsible for research and data mining activities in Gravity. He coordinates the team and also conducts his own research in the field of machine learning and data mining. The research revolves around (1) developing advanced recommender algorithms to make Gravity's recommender engine even better; and (2) exploring new fields and application areas for recommender systems. He also coordinates and consults data mining projects (e.g. customer data analysis, fine tuning) within the company.

Balázs received his MSc in computer science and engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with highest honors in 2011 and is working towards finishing his Ph.D.
As a key member of data mining team, György is mainly responsible for customer specific data mining research and coordinating the technical integration of CERT. He has six years of experience in data mining and machine learning. Before joining Gravity he was working on various data and text mining projects as a researcher-developer.

In Gravity he started as a data miner, but he also participated in many core development projects, and he also has a deep knowledge of the SaaS operation. He became the head of web integration team at Gravity in 2013. In this position, he is responsible for the integration process, client specific developments, and fine-tuning of the recommendation performance.
Gábor has 17 years experience on the field of architecture design, scaling and operations. He is responsible for the deployment processes, training sessions and additional services which may come with the solution, including performance tuning, infrastructure questions and security measurements.

Gábor is a technology enthusiast and likes to work close with customers in multi-cultural environments. Previously he filled major technology management roles at Ustream, the Telemedia Group, where he was working in several countries, also supported many Fortune 500 companies.

He has been working for Gravity R&D for almost 5 years, he is one of the key employees of Gravity, his deep technical knowledge, experience and people management skills play a major role of growing the business day by day.
Serial entrepreneur, startup enthusiast, e-commerce expert.

He founded and led several companies in the Central-East European (CEE) region, the latest called Vatera Ltd. which is one of the biggest e-commerce/auction site companies in CEE. With his leadership in 2006 and also in 2007, Vatera.hu won the the award of internet e-commerce company of the year, by the domestic professional jury and by the vote of internet users. Vatera.hu was the only Hungarian company which was a finalist in the Red Herring international IT consulting pages, and awarded in the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa) region in 2007. Vatera was acquired by Naspers in 2008.

From 2009 and on he has been an active member of the Board of Directors at Gravity R&D.
Mr. Uzdelewicz is the Founder and Senior Managing Member of Espalier Global Management LLC. Mr. Uzdelewicz has 16 years of experience as an investment professional. From January 2009 until October 2010, Mr. Uzdelewicz managed personal assets, which included equity securities and private equity investments. From March 2006 until December 2008, Mr. Uzdelewicz worked as a senior technology analyst at Duquesne Capital.

Prior to that, from January 2000 to February 2006, he was a Senior Managing Director at Bear, Stearns & Co., where he was responsible for researching telecom equipment and data networking companies and oversaw a team of four junior analysts. Mr. Uzdelewicz also worked as a telecom equipment analyst at Cowen & Company, from 1994 until December 1999. During his career as a sell-side analyst Mr. Uzdelewicz was consistently ranked as one of the top telecom equipment analysts by Institutional Investor magazine.

Mr. Uzdelewicz received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Southern Maine in 1994.
  • Balázs Hidasi, PhD

    Head of Data Mining and Research

  • György Dózsa

    Head of Web Integrations

  • Gábor Vincze

    Head of Global Services

  • Viktor Gerő


  • Wojtek Uzdelewicz



Gravity R&D has developers working out of Budapest, Hungary and is fortunate to have attracted some of the top data mining and machine learning talent from the region. What's more important - and this is great news - our data miners and developers stay. Why do they love this company? Some reasons for their satisfaction are: daily contact with bright minds, exciting projects, the innovative but relaxed atmosphere, and the rewarding feeling of working on a great product.


  • Inspiring startup atmosphere
  • Participation in creating a unique state-of-the-art technology
  • Comfortable working conditions (no dress code, free snacks and beverages, foosball, table tennis etc.)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Experienced, creative colleagues


European Investment Found

Gravity R&D has received its “Series B” financial investment from the European Investment Found under the JEREMIE (Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises) program through the Budapest-based venture capital fund management firm PortfoLion.


Project Title:“Semantic Based Intelligent Entertainment Activity Planner (MAGICIAN project)”

International EUREKA project ID:MAGICIAN, HU_12-1-2012-0008

The amount of support: 32 895 386 HUF (Intensity: 48.34%)

Receiver: Gravity Research & Development Kutató-, Fejlesztő- és Szolgáltató Zrt.

International cooperating partners:
Türk Telekom (Turkey)
ATOS (Turkey)

The project “Semantic Based Intelligent Entertainment Activity Planner (MAGICIAN project)” is funded under the EUREKA Program.

The goal of the MAGICIAN project is to build a semantic based intelligent recommender system that provides the end users with a set of personalized quality entertainment, leisure and travel options.

The system

Collects the entertainment, leisure and travel options from multiple sources
Executes real-time data processing while collecting data
Provides intelligent recommendations based on user/group profiles and interests
Improves the currently available static and non-personalized information based solutions significantly
Provides the sector with modularly applicable solutions
Ensures the protection of personal data

The realization of this project brings a significant change in the field of leisure and entertainment related recommendations.
The duration of the project: 01.12.2012 – 20.11.2014

Supporter: National Innovation Office

Contributing organization: National Innovation Office