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Netflix award winning team

Gravity R&D, the team behind Yusp have first been recognized in the $1M Netflix Prize competition, where the they have achieved the highest results of all the 18,000 competing teams. Since then, the company provides recommendation and personalization solutions in over 20 countries on 5 continents.

Ease of use

Yusp integrates with any major eCommerce platform and CMS through an intuitive, quick, and largely automated process that requires minimal technical skills.

Personalize the user journey

Like a good bartender, Yusp knows what you want before you even ask for it. Yusp enables your business to take that personal touch into the online experience and build a closer relationship with your customers.

Tracking and analytics

Clients can track every important metric and KPI of their recommendations, such as CTRs, conversion rates, and revenues through recommendations, on the Yusp analytics dashboard screen.

Why partner with us

The Yusp Partner Program enables you to provide a unique value proposition for your customers and extend your current product portfolio with a world-class recommendation engine.

Gravity R&D has several partners that the company has worked with on numerous projects. Our existing partner network includes e-commerce and front-end developers, research companies, media groups, SEO-SEM consultants, and agencies.


Digital Marketing Agencies

Delight your customers with exceptional personalized recommendations. With your expertise and the dedicated support we provide to our partners, you can ensure that your clients get the most out of Yusp recommendations.


e-Commerce Platform Providers

Improve your customers' user experience with personalized recommendations and boost CTRs and revenues on their site. This way you can increase their trust and loyalty towards your company and your platform.


Webdesign and Developer Companies

Extend your portfolio by adding Yusp personalized recommendations to the palette of your services. Yusp will set you apart from your competition and let you introduce your clients to new ways of capitalizing on their data.


Technology Solution Providers

Recommend Yusp to companies currently in your client network. Apart from introducing them to a world-calss service, this can also be a way to renew communications with some old-time clients of yours and in the meantime, upsell some of your own solutions as well.

Working with Gravity has helped us take our digital offerings to the next level. We are now able to offer more reliable results for our clients which has helped us immensely.

Stephen Tasker

Marketing Director
Supersize Digital

Yusp partner programs

We are looking for Reseller and Referral partners worldwide!
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Reseller Program

Take the wheel and utilize Yusp to your advantage: upsell Yusp recommender solutions to your clients and deepen your strategic relationships with them.

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  • done include Yusp in your product portfolio
  • done integration support for clients
  • done dedicated account manager

Referral Program

As simple as it sounds: refer Yusp to entrepreneurs and companies you know could be interested and earn regular monthly commissions after Yusp users recommended by you.

  • done fixed commission
  • done provide discount to your clients
  • done recommend through partner code

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