Award Winning Team

The research team behind Yusp has already been recognized. Awards include a tied-first place in the Netflix Prize competition, and first places, podium finishes at prestigious Data Mining competitions including ACM KDD cups. The academic record of the team includes 20+ publications with 500+ citations. YUSP is one of the largest third-party recommendations engine providers in the world today, serving over 400 million individually tailored recommendations per day.

Tied for first place in the Netflix Prize

International Classified Media
Association’s “Show Me the Money
prize winner

ACM RecSys: 2012 Honorable Mention
and 2015

Member of the FP7 EU project

In the press

MarketWatch – Gravity R&D Partners

With Allegro

NY Times – Netflix Prize Still Awaits a Movie Seer

ICMA – Driving Classified Revenue Through Personal Engagement


US2012030159 (A1): Recommender Systems and Methods

US8676736 (B2): Recommender systems and methods using modified alternating least squares algorithm