Personalization: Be relevant or be forgotten

Nowadays, consumers not only have certain expectations of the customer shopping process, but they also have greater control over what and where they wish to buy than ever before. With all the digital tools customers have at their disposal, they’re empowered with more choice and access to unprecedented amount of information. Today’s retailers need to effectively and consciously filter the information they present to their shoppers, and customers will honor the relevant shopping experience with their trust and loyalty.

Yusp and Deloitte Digital are closely cooperating professionally and commercially in the joint implementation of personalization solutions to Digital Retailers, Physical Retailers, Supermarket Chains, Telecommunications companies and Retail Banks worldwide


Yusp Digical is a suite of data analytic and personalization tools that enable traditional retailers to tailor and synchronize their shoppers’ experiences across all possible digital and offline channels using the latest machine learning technologies.

Proven track record in recommender system solutions

Personalization engines are continually running A/B or multivariate testing. This is to improve their ability to resonate with an individual. A/B testing, as a method, can also be used for comparing two or more solutions against each other to determine which one performs better. Yusp’s personalization engine is unbeaten, so far as tested against 15 in-house systems and 14 third-party personalization engine solutions.

Multi-channel analytics and data integration

Yusp Digical enables retailers to collect, and turn their data into actionable insights across all possible channels and platforms. The platform’s advanced analytic and Big Data capabilities make it possible for retailers to perform sophisticated, large-scale customer, as well as product segmentation.

Personalized loyalty programs

Yusp Digical utilizes an exceptional algorithmic portfolio and advanced analytics skills and capabilities to create personalized loyalty programs for retailers, that connect online and offline shopper profiles.

High compatibility, low risk

The platform is vendor-agnostic and supports integration with all existing and planned IT infrastructure elements (e.g. BLE Beacon, Item-level RFID, Augmented Reality, etc). The solution also supports the Proof-of-Concept (POC) focused implementation approach whenever possible, that helps determine value and build strategic capability on a low-cost, low-risk basis.

Knowledge transfer

We provide our clients’ staff with state-of-the-art skills that are crucial for enabling them to avoid common pitfalls as the culture, skills, and tools required to successfully implement and operate the solution might be very different from the status quo.