Online personalization for businesses of all sizes

Yusp Digital is a is a scalable recommender and personalization solution serving clients from SMEs to large enterprise websites with millions of monthly traffic. We have a proven track record in online personalization, serving 5 billion recommendations a month, resulting in $40 million in extra revenues for our clients on f continents.

On site recommendations

Our system can display personalized recommendations across all touch points (desktop, mobile web, apps, call center). Businesses of all sizes can use Yusp Dashboard to set up recommendation boxes to reach important KPIs.

Smart Mail

Integrating our recommendations into your email marketing software will let your business send personalized emails exactly when your customers are most likely to read them and with the content they will be interested in.

Smart Search

SmartSearch helps visitors to quickly find the exact content they are looking for by combining query-based searches and adaptively learning algorithms. The feature also offers tools such as autocomplete, and autocorrect.