Head of Enterprise Division

We’re looking for an experienced, performance-driven Team Leader who will be responsible for leading our Enterprise Division.

About the company

Gravity R&D is a personalization engine provider using machine learning to personalize digital customer experiences for SMEs and enterprises.  

The Budapest-based company has been focusing on data science since 2009, using machine learning and Big Data analytics to create personalized customer experiences for brands in various industries. 

Gravity R&D’s products help clients deliver better brand experiences, drive revenue growth, and improve customer satisfaction. The company’s personalization solutions can provide 35+ billion personalized recommendations per month.

Why join us?

  • You can participate in the sales of state-of-the-art technologies developed by the industry’s leading research team;
  • You’ll have a chance to work with a broad range of clients from various industries (telcos, retailers, video streaming system, publishers) from 5 continents;
  • You’ll get insights into working with big names in the truly global tech industry outside of the CEE region, including Alibaba Cloud, NVIDIA, Taboola, and more;
  • A flexible work environment with the option to work remotely; 
  • You’ll be working in an inspiring and innovative start-up atmosphere.

Job description

The new management member is an important stakeholder in the company with a commercial mindset combined with a strong technical understanding. Leading the enterprise division’s overall sales and account management efforts with full P&L responsibility. 

Responsibilities also include managing a cross-functional team with 8 FTEs with additional interns and contractors to be able to deliver across the board according to the plan. Needs to handle the budget and manage our relationships with vendors including strategic IaaS and cloud providers (AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Leaseweb) to be able to serve real-time machine learning based SaaS personalization and next best offer solutions to our clients.

Your responsibilities

  • Nurture a diverse team of passionate and capable business developers, integrators and engineers to multiply their impact, also coach & grow them
  • Motivate and set goals to each team member also support them in their growth
  • Take part in hiring new team members and support their onboarding 
  • Maintain strong relationships with our clients and ensure their success, increase their satisfaction
  • Build, own, and execute client success and engagement plans
  • Work across internal departments to ensure that client expectations and requirements are clearly understood 
  • Manage our relationships and own the budget towards our strategic IaaS providers (Servergarden, Alibaba Cloud, Leaseweb)
  • Participate in the decision making regarding the company’s marketing strategy
  • As part of the management team deliver weekly reports and contribute to the company planning and reporting towards the board of directors 

Required experience

  • Proven ability to successfully manage a diverse team
  • In depth knowledge of different business functions
  • Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills both in English and in Hungarian
  • Understanding of R&D companies and a background in B2B, enterprise or SaaS services is highly preferred 
  • Experience working in an agile environment, startup experience preferred.

Contract type

Full-time, based in Budapest.
If you are interested in the position, please send your application to



  • Inspiring startup atmosphere
  • Participation in creating a unique state-of-the-art technology
  • Comfortable working conditions (no dress code, free snacks and beverages, foosball, table tennis etc.)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Experienced, creative colleagues

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