Senior Software Engineer – Budapest

We are looking for an experienced and talented senior software engineer to enhance our growing development team.

You will be joining the Core Development team which is responsible for developing the Recommendation Engine, generating 100k recommendations per seconds in peak time.
In about 80% of your time you will work according to the quarterly roadmap, the rest of your time will be dedicated to solve urgent issues.
New developments are pushed into production on the same day.

As our new member, you will participate in improving elasticsearch integration, developing new API for the Recommendation Engine, test the new Garbage Collection algorithm of Java 11, make the application ready to be used with GraalVM to use Ahead-Of-Time compilation, develop better tools for debugging issues.

About Gravity R&D

Gravity R&D develops artificial intelligence and machine learning based solutions to provide real time, predictive big data analytics for its clients on five continents. Offering multiple products under the Yusp brand, Gravity’s value proposition combines world-class intellectual property, exceptional algorithmic portfolio and advanced analytics to drive revenue growth now and into the future for online only, and bricks and mortar companies.

Supported by its worldwide strategic partnership with Deloitte Digital, the company is a prominent player of the next generation digital transformation and personalization landscape. With its HQ in Hungary, the team consists of 40 people, among them some of the best mathematicians and data scientists, to serve over 500 million individually tailored product, service, and content recommendations each day.


  • 5+ years experience in building software using Java
  • Experience with Python
  • Working knowledge of relational and/or non-relational databases
  • B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in Computer Science or a related technical field or studies
  • Passion for working on hard scoring problems
  • Reliability, openness, flexibility and proactive personality
  • Interested in and aware of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Willingness to learn new technologies
  • You can easily find your way in complex, distributed systems comprising multiple technologies


  • Experience with the following softwares / technologies: Linux, Git, GitLab, Gradle, Redis, Jenkins, Kafka, Spring framework, JUnit, Mockito
  • Experience in developing cloud based applications (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with technologies for distributed storing and processing of data (cassandra, hadoop, impala, ElasticSearch)

If you join us you will be learning about:

  • Recommendation systems
  • How to write code than can serve 100k recommendation requests per seconds
  • Technologies for distributed processing: hadoop, hdfs, impala, and our tech stack

What we offer

  • The code you write will be used to serve 15 billion recommendations per month for 400M visitors around the world
  • Participation in creating a unique, better than state-of-the-art technology
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Mentoring of new people
  • Inspiring and innovative start-up atmosphere coupled with the highest possible level of professionalism – simply meritocracy
  • Comfortable working conditions: private building on Villányi street with garden, no dress code, free snacks and beverages, foosball, table tennis etc.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Quickly growing company

To apply please fill in the form or send an email to with your CV and cover letter.


  • Inspiring startup atmosphere
  • Participation in creating a unique state-of-the-art technology
  • Comfortable working conditions (no dress code, free snacks and beverages, foosball, table tennis etc.)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Experienced, creative colleagues

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