Dailymotion is one of the world’s largest video sharing sites, with 250 million monthly unique visitors. Their website is accessed all around the world, in 18 different languages and in 35 localized versions customized depending on a user’s location.

  • 20%

    Maximum increase in CTRs

  • 6%

    Increase in overall pageviews

Project Summary

Dailymotion’s aim was to improve user experience by employing a recommendation engine. Initially, they developed their own in-house solution, which they tested extensively against outside vendors.

Our solution resulted in an up to 20% increase in CTRs. Dailymotion also conducted a manual test on how relevant users found the recommended content, which we also managed to pass. By employing our system, Dailymotion’s overall page views grew by 6%.

“Improving the user experience is one of our most important missions, and that’s exactly why we chose Yusp. Their team produced instantly visible results, both in the number of clicks and the amount of watched videos.”