Data analyst / data scientist for online personalization

As a data scientist, you will help us improve our personalization services through data-based fine-tuning of the personalization logic and A/B testing of different solutions.

You will join the team working on personalized recommendations for online ad retargeting or the team working on the personalization of online services. 

  • The former team focuses on recommending relevant products to users when they are retargeted with advertisements on a third party site to make advertisements more relevant (and less annoying). The team works closely with a large scale ad-exchange network in a joint project between the two companies. 
  • The latter team focuses on building recommenders within online services to improve user experience. Customers of this team vary greatly by their size, domain, and country of origin.

Occasionally, you might be given tasks from both teams. Professional mentoring is provided across teams to all data science personnel by the head of research of Gravity R&D in topics ranging from python for data science to recommender systems to machine learning algorithms.

Your responsibilities

  • Analyze the behavior data of users of online services, figure out what they like and come up with improvements for the logic of different personalization scenarios.
  • Design, perform and evaluate A/B tests on different variants of the personalization logic using our system to find out what works in practice.
  • Create regular and ad-hoc reports about the users’ behavior and the performance of the personalization system.

About us

Gravity R&D is a personalization engine vendor offering a product portfolio called Yusp with a core team focusing on data science since 2006. 

Yusp has all primary product modules and marketing modules as digital personalization engine defined by Gartner (Market Guide for Digital Personalization Engines) as well as several other product modules, which enable to personalize numerous different business models.

The vision of the company is to enable enterprises with large clientele to engage with their consumers by using exceptional machine learning algorithmic portfolio, which incorporates predictive, adaptive learning analytics to anticipate future behavior or estimate unknown outcomes on a low-cost, low-risk basis. Supported by its worldwide strategic partnerships, Gravity R&D is a prominent player of the next generation personalization engine landscape with capability to serve more than 35 billion recommendations  per month to clients in 20+ countries across the globe.


  • relevant university degree or min. 1 year of work experience as a data scientist
  • experience in Python for data analysis (numpy, pandas, scipy, etc.)
  • good maths & analytical skills
  • precise, creative and proactive personality
  • good communication skills

What we offer

  • You will be able to quickly test your ideas in the real world using our custom recommendation engine.
  • You will be able to work on large, heterogeneous datasets of online user behavior data.
  • You will learn about how recommender systems and algorithms work and about the ins and outs of online personalization.
  • If interested, you will have the chance to learn about various technologies and tools related to data analysis, big data, machine learning, and online services.



  • Inspiring startup atmosphere
  • Participation in creating a unique state-of-the-art technology
  • Comfortable working conditions (no dress code, free snacks and beverages, foosball, table tennis etc.)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Experienced, creative colleagues

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