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Some of our clients

yusp client logos like eMag dailymotion and allegro


increase in overall pageviews

Dailymotion's aim was to improve user experience by employing a recommendation engine. Initially, they developed their own in-house solution, which they tested extensively against outside vendors.



of total income from recommendations

Personalized recommendations served by our algorithms account for more than 10% of Extreme Digital’s total revenues. They display over 20 of our recommendation widgets on their sites.

Extreme Digital


increase in sales from recommendations

As a part of their search for the best solution, eMAG decided to compare our recommendation engine with their in-house solution. Using our system resulted in 62% higher sales through recommendations.


About the magic

recommendations per month


Monthly $40 million extra revenue generated for our clients


Tied for first on the Netflix Prize machine learning competition


Transfer your stock automatically

Yusp automatically scans and imports the items in your stock. You can seamlessly complete the whole process on our simple, easy to use graphic interface from your browser. Polished user experience.


Tracking users

Our system tracks and records every detail of how users interact with your site and enriches this data with contextual parameters, such as location, time, device, and referrer.


Personalized product recommendations

Building on these insights, our system fills the multi-device-friendly recommender boxes on your site with the items most relevant to each user in each context.


Drive sales and improve user experience

By showing the right product at the right time to the right users, Yusp can skyrocket your sales and create personalized user journeys for each and every one of your visitors to maximize customer engagement, satisfaction and your profits.