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Yusp is a recommender system that helps our clients increase their revenues by creating more relevant and intuitive user experiences. Our clients range from SMEs, through Enterprise websites with millions of monthly visitors, to large brick-and-mortar retail businesses that capitalize on our offline personalization solutions.

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15 billion

served recommendations per month

Tied for 1st

in the Netflix Prize machine learning competition

key clients


Overall Page Views: Increased by 6%

Dailymotion's aim was to improve user experience by employing a recommendation engine. Initially, they developed their own in-house solution, which they tested extensively against outside vendors.



Income through Yusp: 10% of Total Income

Over 10% of Extreme Digital's revenues are attributable to recommendations served by Yusp. In addition to more than 20 uniquely adjusted recommendation widgets.

Extreme Digital


Sales through recommendations: + 62%

During an extensive A/B testing period, our solution resulted in 62% more sales through recommendations than eMAGs in-house solution.