Performance and scalability to boost your business results at any scale

The Gravity R&D team has developed Yusp with the mission of providing businesses with a centralized personalization engine that is both scalable and provides outstanding performance, constantly improving over time.

  • 35+

    billion recommendations served per month

  • 20+

    countries where we serve clients

  • 10+

    years of data science expertise


International data centres

To Ensure real-time responses within milliseconds

Global cloud partners

Winning A/B tests against 40+ vendors and solutions

To identify which solution brings the highest business value, Yusp was compared to several personalization engine vendors and in-house solutions on the market. Based on the positive results of the A/B tests, we are confident that Yusp can outperform every solution tested, in several business use cases.


Tied for first place at Netflix Prize

The idea of Yusp was inspired by a 2009 Netflix competition with 40.000 competing teams and with a winning prize of $1 million. The core of our team is made up of the same data scientist, who tied for the first prize with a state-of-the-art solution - improving the Netflix algorithm by more than 10%.

Maximize your personalization engine ROI

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    Don’t risk your business success

    Thanks to our flexible testing period and pricing, the implementation of Yusp requires only a minimal upfront investment.

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    Flexible technology

    You can easily implement Yusp with your existing marketing stack, in all kinds of technological environments.

  • support_agent

    Best-in-class customer support

    Yusp's experienced team is ready to fine-tune and optimize the Yusp engine and match the algorithms to your business needs.

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    Impressive algorithmic portfolio

    Yusp incorporates more than a decade of expertise of working with our clients, which resulted in a diverse portfolio of 100+ algorithms.

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    Wide range of product modules

    Yusp’s comprehensive approach allows businesses to enjoy all the benefits of personalization, providing all the digital personalization engine modules as defined by Gartner, and beyond.

  • science

    Discover the science behind Yusp

    The scientific results behind Yusp were published in notable scientific journals, created several patents, won numerous awards and participation in EU-funded research projects.

Security and Compliance

Security is of crucial importance for Yusp and we have taken serious measures to protect both the clients’ and customers’ data. We are able to provide best-in-class security in 6 data centres across the globe: Amsterdam, San Francisco, Virginia, Singapore, Budapest, and Tokyo.