Enhance Marketing Channels

Extend the personalized customer journey from your site to your marketing channels by delivering timely and relevant interactions to your customers in real-time.

Add personalized superpower to your marketing touchpoints

Make Yusp your central hub of managing customer experience and create personalized messaging across all your channels.

    • mail

      Personalized emails

      Create engaging email campaigns by sending personalized recommendations in newsletters and emails. You can A/B test the elements, such as your copy and CTAs for higher conversion rates.

    • notifications

      Notifications for mobile & desktop

      Catch your customers with instant offers when they are responsive with personalized desktop and mobile notifications.

    • campaign

      Personalized advertising

      Take personalization a step further and convert or re-engage high-intent customers with spot-on personalized banners displayed on third-party sites.

    • chat

      Triggered messages

      Send highly relevant emails and notifications in real-time, triggered by customer behavior. Reach customers in critical moments with rule-based triggers, like when they abandon their shopping cart or become inactive.

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