Personalization engine driving revenue growth and customer experience

    Yusp is a machine learning powered personalization engine offering a product portfolio customized for online and offline business models and use cases to clients on six continents.

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Why Personalize

In the storm of unsolicited, brand-damaging messages, customer engagement is getting more and more difficult for online and bricks-and-mortar businesses alike. Empowered their social networks and their devices, digital era consumers are increasingly controlling shopping process and dictating WHAT they want and WHERE and WHEN they want it.

  • Hotstar personalized by Yusp breaks world streaming record
  • Case Study: Hotstar personalized by Yusp breaks world streaming record

    Hotstar, India’s largest premium video streaming platform broke the world streaming record. Read our case study on how Yusp contributed to the smooth, personalized experience of the record number of users.

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  • Product recommendation

  • In store personalization

  • TMT video service personalization

  • All solutions

  • The Yusp personalization engine can automatically suggest relevant content or product recommendations, based on data about the visitor, or feeds data to another application for purposes of making changes to the presentation layer.

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  • Artificial intelligence, like the most talented shopping assistants, can accurately recommend the best fitting products and educate consumers as individuals, making sure that they receive the best service possible.

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  • Specialized content personalization for video service providers including cable TV and IP TV providers with physical network, set-top-boxes. Personalization of VoD content and live channels are supported as well.

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  • Check all of our solutions and pick the one that fits your business the best

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  • Excellence in machine learning

    Yusp is built on an exceptional machine learning algorithmic portfolio, which incorporates predictive, adaptive learning analytics, enabling enterprises with large clientele to engage consumers and anticipate their future behavior. Yusp’s scientific orientation results in patents, regular publications in the most notable journals, numerous awards, and participations in many EU funded research projects. Learn more about the science behind Yusp here.

    Unrivalled track record

    Personalization engines should be continually running A/B or multivariate testing – incorporating two or more variants of a digital or physical touchpoints’ online interface to two or more different sets of users to determine, by using statistical models, which variant is most effective. The one that performs better, wins. Yusp is unbeaten so far as tested against 16 in-house solution and 14 personalization engine vendors. Learn more about how Yusp is better here.

    Be relevant or be forgotten

    Gravity and Deloitte are closely cooperating professionally and commercially in the joint implementation of personalization solutions to Digital Retailers, Physical Retailers, Supermarket Chains, Telecommunications companies and Retail Banks worldwide.