Create personalized customer experiences
at scale

Yusp personalization engine turns data into powerful user journeys that convert, powered by Deep Learning. 

"91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember and provide relevant offers and recommendations." Accenture

Be customer-first by providing data-based experiences

In the age of information overload consumers feel connected to brands that truly know them and provide personalized content and offers.

By using adaptive learning algorithms, the Yusp personalization engine can predict individual preferences and optimize interactions with the customer.

The Yusp modules allow businesses to deliver relevant content to both known and new visitors, across the entire buying journey - showing customers what they want, where and when they want it.


120K Recommendations per second

While Hotstar broke the world streaming record, Yusp was providing personalized recommendations to their 100 million daily active users.

20 million available items

The eCommerce marketplace tested Yusp against their solution in place. Yusp provided a significant proportion of the total GMV and outperformed the other vendor.

7500+ bi-weekly visitors

Leveraging the data of their loyalty program, the hypermarket has decided to implement Yusp and generate personalized promotions for each loyalty cardholder.
  • Yusp by Gravity R&D covers an omnichannel personalized experience across our marketing channels, helping our visitors find the most relevant products and then convert to customers. With a dedicated customer support team, they are flexible to work with us on personalizing

    Öykü Kulaksız Sağlam

    Marketing Analytics Manager

  • The Yusp personalization engine provides the most relevant content to our website visitors and it has become one of our best tools to engage our readers.

    Javier Martinez Gomez

    Chief Digital Officer at

  • Gravity serves our most important needs by generating quality leads for our sellers and only suggesting the most relevant results for our buyers.

    Gaurav Bhasin


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