Yusp is the end-to-end engine to build human-centered experiences

Put your customer data to use and deliver personalized customer journeys that anticipate your customers’ needs without having to ask them - all powered by machine learning.

How it works?

Yusp can accurately and quickly predict which content works best for your customers’ individual preferences.

Traditional data analytics is often limited when addressing fast-changing and unstructured data.

With the application of machine learning algorithms, Yusp identifies correlations among millions of data points in real-time and constantly improves the performance by learning from the results.

The engine takes several factors into consideration, such as the visitors’ habits, the distinct properties of your products and the context of browsing.

    You know your business, we know your data

    Yusp incorporates multiple data sources to give you a 360-degree view of your customers’ journeys.

    • person

      User data

      The engine analyzes data from the online activities of both known and first-time visitors.

    • shopping_cart

      Product data

      Yusp implements product attributes - such as name, price or category - for segmentation.

    • art_track

      Contextual information

      Yusp also considers the context of the customer browsing like the location or the time of the day.

    Turn data into profit with Yusp

    • recent_actors

      Deliver personalized recommendations

      Integrate Yusp’s machine learning into your business strategy to discover customer segments and personalized recommendations, while saving resources.

    • attach_money

      Enjoy the benefits of our ROI positive pricing

      Get the most out of your data without taking risks. Your investment will always be in-line with the added value generated by using the Yusp engine.

    Deliver scalable personalized experiences

    • insights

      Apply algorithms to your data

      Yusp’s algorithmic portfolio can serve a diverse set of business models, such as video portals, eCommerce and many more.

    • low_priority

      Customize your business rules

      Apply your knowledge of your customers for improved personalization with Yusp's real-time data flow editor.

    • rule

      Test what works best for your business

      Run A/B/n and multivariate testing experiments and make educated business decisions to impress your customers.

    • trending_up

      Scalable model with fair pricing

      Whatever the size of your business, we are ready to help. Yusp's highly scalable solution supports both high base traffic and high peak traffic scenarios at a reasonable monthly price.

    • outlined_flag

      Customized for your business goals

      The Yusp portfolio consists of 100+ algorithms, and it's able to serve a wide variety of use cases. Our team helps you to select the best algorithms to suit your business needs.

    • games

      Flexible technology stack

      Yusp brings you flexibility and easy optimization. Our solution engineers can easily configure, test, monitor and evaluate different customization logics against different use-cases and KPIs.

    • integration_instructions

      Smooth deployment

      The engine provides turn-key modules with easy implementation, but it can also integrate with robust systems, covering several digital channels.