eMAG is Central Eastern Europe’s largest online shop. By 2014, they had $214 million dollars in sales and 100 million page views per month. Their online marketplace covers a broad range of categories from electronics and IT, all the way to gardening and children’s items.

  • 62%

    Boost in sales through recommendations

  • 71%

    Better CTRs than in-house solution

Project Summary

Their aim was to provide a highly personalized experience for their visitors and increase their Gross Merchandising Value. As a part of their search for the best solution, they decided to compare our recommendation engine with their in-house solution.

During the pilot test, we were able to outperform eMAG’s in-house developed recommendation engine by 71% in global CTRs and also significantly increase their gross merchandising value. We also produced 62% higher sales through recommendations. After this successful A/B test, eMAG extended the cooperation to all of their sites and and has been using our enterprise level solutions ever since.